Nvidia’s cloud gaming service looks great for gamers but bad for CO2

US Tech giant Nvidia launched its new cloud gaming service Geforce Now yesterday, more than five years after launching its old cloud gaming service Geforce Now. Best known for manufacturing high-performance graphics cards, the company’s latest cloud gaming venture is set to rival Google’s Stadia service which launched late last year. 

The new platform looks to offer considerably more flexibility than Stadia at a significantly lower price (for now). While Google Stadia requires users to buy games individually on their service to play, Geforce Now will plug into existing services, including Steam, for a subscription of $5 a month.

Ditching Google’s service is likely to look even more tempting to users given the lack of announcements regarding new games or features for the platform – a possible side effect of a last minute decision to double the games library at launch.

Geforce Now  has been praised by a number of outlets, predicting Nvidia’s triumph over Google in the cloud gaming space. But the announcement of more competition may not be quite so positive for CO2 levels, considering the disparity in the two companies green credentials.

While google claims to have used 100% renewable energy since 2017, Nvidia’s latest sustainability report confirms that less than half of the electricity they use comes from renewable sources. 

It’s still early days for both services. Who will come out on top as market leader, and how much the cloud gaming market will eventually be worth, is still uncertain. But if Google is to appeal to anyone except the most ardent of fans, it seems like it may have some serious catching up to do.

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