High price for PS5 is more evidence for power-hungry new consoles

Sony is struggling to get manufacturing costs for the upcoming Playstation 5 below $450 according to new information from Bloomberg. The outlet reports that a number of particularly expensive components are responsible for pushing manufacturing costs above those of current generation consoles.

Along with typically pricey components like system memory and high-spec solid state storage, the report highlighted an unusually expensive cooling system as a factor in the $450 price tag. 

While advanced cooling systems can have a range of benefits – including keeping the console quiet or helping designers reduce systems’ physical footprint – it’s likely the focus on cooling is due to the high voltages the system will require to maintain clock speeds.

A test leak earlier this year of what is assumed to be Playstation 5 hardware revealed, among other things, a graphics chip running at 2.0ghz, a speed well above most consumer graphics cards.

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