Cloud gaming companies behind massive uptick in renewable energy

Tech conglomerates responsible for some of the biggest players in the video game industry led a giant swing towards renewables in 2019, according to a new report by BloombergNEF. 

Google led the pack of green energy buyers by quite a margin, having also released new gaming platform Google Stadia in September last year. The new platform, which uses cloud computing to play modern games on TV’s, computers and mobile phones, requires vast, powerful data centres to run games. 

It’s likely that the launch of Stadia required significant additions to the companies already massive network of data centres, requiring a great deal more power to boot. 

Xbox platform owner Microsoft made the top four list too, having also invested heavily in cloud computing for its project Xcloud (currently in preview). Facebook and Amazon rounded out the list of four, both of whom are rumored to be planning to add cloud gaming to their business in the near future. 

While these companies’ commitment to clean energy is encouraging, the results may also point to a potentially massive increase in energy consumption. Early predictions of the impact of cloud gaming on carbon emissions have been mixed, but the companies’ commitment to using clean energy will at least help mitigate platforms’ potential for massive carbon emissions.