SEGA PC games to be sold in in 100% recyclable packaging

The game developer best known for its blue, animal saving mascot is set to reaffirm its planet saving credentials by making packaging for its PC games 100% recyclable. 

Sports focused Sega subsidiary Sports Interactive announced that the popular Football Manager series would be made from recycled materials back in September and the move has now been widened out to all Sega PC games including Total War: Rome II – Enemy at the Games Edition, which releases this Thursday.

The new packaging consists of recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard for the game’s box and manual wrapped in 100% recyclable low-density polyethylene. While the use of these materials increases the cost of production by 20 pence per game, Sega hopes that the costs will be made up by savings in transportation.

We’re hopeful that this new commitment to recyclable packaging will catch on among PC game developers, a similar move on console would require a significaiton deviation from Xbox, Sony and Nintendo’s strict controls on plastic game packaging.

Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer at for the Total War series, said: “We’re proud that Creative Assembly is able to collaborate with SEGA on this great initiative to help reduce plastic waste and be a part of this small step towards a greener industry.”